Vaping has been popular for several years now abroad but it is still a nascent industry in Iran with a select few importers bringing in internationally recognized brands to the country

A “vape”, “electronic cigarette” or “e-cig” is a battery-powered hand-held device which uses either nicotine-laced vegetable oil or synthetic oil, a heated coil with a wick drenched in the liquid. The user then presses the ignite button and heats the coil to take a drag. Ultimately it serves the same purpose of a cigarette giving the person a hit of nicotine

One physical stores do exist in Tehran and you can visit them and look at the imported vaping juices available. At the time of writing, several smaller stores do stock different flavor liquids but they are scattered around the city and are non-existent online

The local physical vaping stores which do exist on the street is VapeIran. The store prices are more expensive than Europe some times, but like we mentioned above, when you run out of your chosen vape flavors, you’ll want to know where to top up

There are also several online stores available including this store called  Vape Café which like the others offers coils, juices and vaporizers

Good luck vaping